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The importance of Custom Clearance

Customs clearance is necessary for goods to be imported or exported. If a shipment is cleared from customs, the shipper will provide supporting documents to confirm the clearance by stating that the customs duties are paid for thus indicating that the shipment(s) can be processed. Since Dubai is a huge market for importing and exporting, it only makes sense that you associate yourself with professionals in customs clearance in Dubai. 

Before shipping the goods, there are certain quotas a shipper must meet and the clearance for each country differs. With the help of a customs broker, customs clearance can be initiated faster and seamlessly since customs brokers are well versed with the requirements and standards.

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How Customs Clearing Agents in Dubai can help

A customs clearing agent is a broker for importers or exporters who assist importers and exporters with their shipments. These agents can either be private individuals or firms licensed by the concerned body in a country.

Customs clearance agents are authorized by tariff law to organize custom entries, payment of duties, and look into the discharge of goods from custody.

In case you need assistance with HTS codes, i.e. codes based on product classifications, that range between 8-10 digits. The first six digits are HS codes and contain the countries of import.

Moreover, customs clearing agents also help with the following:

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Warehouse Storage

Verification of Paperwork

the customs officer requires to verify the paperwork and ensure all the details provided for the shipment(s) are accurate and complete. Post verification, the document will list the contact information of the shipper and the receiver, in addition to the date of export and the airway billing number.

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Thorough checks by Customs officer

the customs officer will see to it and ensure that the fee is applied to the shipment. Depending on the type of good(s), the value of the good(s), and the laws of the importing country, the officer also sees to it that the correct laws are enforced. Moreover, in case the tax and duties surpass the tax bracket, the agent will ensure the details are corrected and will also ensure that all taxes and duties have been paid for.

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Duties, taxes, payments

In case there are any outstanding duties, customs agents ensure these are paid. These officers generally categorize shipments as Deliver Duty Unpaid (DDU) or as Deliver Duty Paid (DDP). If a shipment is marked as DDP, then it states that the taxes and duties were paid for. Now, although most independent brokers charge a hefty fee for this, our team can assist you with customs clearance in Dubai at a reasonable cost.

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Release of shipments

The last step of the customs agent is to release shipments post payment.

It is always best to choose a trusted name in the industry for easy and seamless clearance. With our help, you can ship your goods to your end destination on time and at cost-effective prices. To know more about our customs clearing agents and our services related to that you can connect with us today.