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When looking for Sea Cargo Solutions, most of our customers look for flexibility and reliable services combined with expertise; and that is exactly what we provide. You can trust us to deliver as promised. Here at Portlink, we leverage heavily on advanced technology and our international network, we ensure all your containers are shipped hassle-free to your end destination. 

Being a market leader in sea freight, we guarantee comprehensive and personal services via our global network in addition to our unmatched local expertise. So whether you are looking for an experienced sea freight provider Worldwide, you know we have you covered every step of the process. We help reduce the time of filling out paperwork by handling all your freight needs with our online services. This benefits you since you can keep tabs on your booking and get notified if and when there are any changes in your shipment status.

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Why Opt for Sea Freight in Dubai?

Ocean freight allows you to transport your shipments or goods by sea via shipping containers. It is a common mode of transporting goods, especially for importers and exporters who wish to ship in large or small quantities. Although the duration of sea cargo is slightly longer than air cargo, sea cargo offers a more secure and value for money approach to your shipments.

Moreover, there are more benefits associated with sea freight, such as mentioned below:

Best for Your Sea Cargo
Large Capacity

Large Capacity

With the help of sea freight, transporting large shipments or various capacities of your goods is a lot easier and cost-effective. You can ship up to 10,000 bottles in a container or choose to go with smaller batches. For more information on the container size and price per weight/ dimensional weight, you can get in touch with us via our contact us page or the number provided.

Few Restrictions

Few Restrictions

Thanks to our extensive network there are fewer restrictions that you have to face when shipping with us. Our team looks into international shipping laws, national laws, and regulations by carrier organizations and will provide you with a list of items that can be shipped via sea without any hassle.

Low Emission

Low Emission

If you stand with the environment, we have good news for you. Sea cargo gives off less CO2 emission compared to air freight and is also more cost-effective. Learn more about the emission of sea freights from our team.



Since all your shipments are tracked and shipped securely, you will be updated regularly about the status of your shipment which includes the travel status and security status.

There you have it – a list of reasons to choose sea cargo. We specialize in worldwide sea freight. No matter what the size of your shipment is, we have a solution for everything. Moreover, we also offer customization and flexibility for all your freight needs.

Our Services Include:

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  • Lcl Import and Export
  • Storage
  • Packing and Crating