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Portlink is a committed and mindful company that comprises of responsive, experienced, and diverse individuals who come from various backgrounds and areas of expertise. 

As a diverse team, we are unified by a common goal – to deliver the best to our customers and ensure they have a great experience with us with respect to cargo delivery solutions, costs, and security. 

Since our inception, our teams’ and company’s philosophy is to emphasize the importance of customer service that is not only personalized but backed with innovative solutions and integrity. 

What makes us unique is our continuous effort to strive for excellence and steady growth. Our success lies in our emphasis on using advanced technology, innovative procedures, transparency, and our seasoned professionals.

Best Land Cargo Services in Dubai

What do we offer?

We offer land cargo solutions that focus on the domestic and international front. We guarantee customer satisfaction with our cost-effective, transparent, reliable, and on-time solutions. Moreover, we help you match your demand with timelines defined by you. We pay close attention to all business needs and even take care of all your logistics issues. With our robust solutions, you can achieve on-time, quality services & get an edge over your competitors.

Best Sea Cargo Services Worldwide

Why Choose Land Cargo For Your Business?

In today’s day and age, the order sizes vary from large orders to smaller orders, based on the nature of business. With our land transportation services, you can select the order size and mode of land transportation with a dedicated timeline.

Our land transportation team includes driver-accompanied services and you can also track your shipment in real-time with our tracking solutions. Take a look at some of the benefits of land cargo.

Land Cargo Dubai
Warehouse Storage

You Can Choose The Capacity

Depending on the nature of your business and shipments, you can choose the capacity you wish to get transported. We offer exceptional solutions to businesses and individuals with a plethora of transportation options.

Transparent Pricing

Saves Time and Money

If you are looking to save time and money, land transportation is the way to go, especially for domestic delivery. You can avail all our services at cost-effective rates. We ensure your goods reach the end destination on time and in good condition.

Door-to-Door Solutions

Door-to-Door Solutions

The edge we have over our competitors is our door-to-door solutions. Let us know where to pick up and drop off the shipments and let us take care of the rest.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

To keep your mind at ease, we offer real-time tracking solutions. You can track everything from the time of pickup, processing, transit, time of delivery, and so forth. Moreover, we also offer great security to ensure your goods don’t get lost or stolen during transit.

In conclusion, whether you need to ship small orders or large ones, our team will cater to all your needs. With the help of our personalized customer support, you can also avail additional services that may be to your liking. For more information on our land transportation solutions, get in touch with us today.

Our Services Include:

  •  Container Transport Local within UAE.
  • Loose Material shifting by Trailer (Flat/Fence) & Pick-up.
  • Special Cargo Movements (In Gauge/Out Gauge).
  • Collection and deliveries of Cross-border transport (GCC and Levant Countries)
  • FTL and LTL transportation