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Warehouse Space for Rent in Dubai

Every business requires storage space and warehouse facilities when dealing with imports and export. Regardless of the duration or the size of the goods/ products to be stored, we offer fast, affordable, and efficient warehousing solutions in Dubai for short-term and long-term storage.

As a renowned logistics solution provider, we ensure to provide you with the best Dubai Bonded Warehouse that is fully equipped with the latest technology whilst also being capable of handling and storing all sorts of cargo, products and goods. 

In addition to providing an efficient storage service, we also extend our warehouse services at flexible and competitive rates. The warehouses we offer for rent are equipped with CCTV cameras that are operational 24 hours and we also have in-built alarm systems for optimal security.

Our warehouse storage facilities in Dubai are purpose-designed to handle all types of products. So whether you are in need of cold storage facilities for perishable items or temperature-controlled facilities for other products, we have the best warehouse storage in Dubai to meet all your needs.

Not only do we offer the cheapest warehouse for rent in Dubai but our ideal storage facilities and add-on storage solutions are what make us the most sought-after warehouse providers in Dubai. Additionally, we also offer the following services, to make your experience an exceptional one;

  • Regular pest control & fumigation: In order to avoid damage to your business, we ensure our warehouses are fumigated regularly and checked for pest control.
  • Discrepancy Reporting: This report contains details of all your stock, the date of storage, departure of goods, and so forth to avoid any discrepancies.
  • Perpetual Stock Counting: With the help of a perpetual inventory system, we update inventory counts on a continuous basis as they are bought and sold which allows us to efficiently account for your inventory.
  • Production & Expiry Monitoring of Perishable Goods: In order to ensure your products are in a good state, our team can assist with the expiry of products.
  • Stuffing Containers: We assist with stuffing containers, just reach out to our team and we will assist with the process immediately.
  • Labeling of products: If you need assistance with labeling your goods, our team can assist with the process.
  • Pick-up, Packing, Dispatching & Distribution of Cargo: This is an add-on service that most of our customers opt for for easy and timely delivery.
  • Reverse logistics management
  •  Spare parts inventory management

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Why Choose Portlink for Your Warehouse Needs?

Being one of the best warehouse companies in Dubai, we pride ourselves on providing professional services at competitive rates. All our warehouses come with state-of-the-art technology and management systems to help you track your goods effortlessly. 

With the help of our Warehouse Management System, you can get access to real-time data such as reports on stock details, barcode scanning & smooth integration with other departments like the transportation departments, freight forwarding, and so on.

You can get in touch with our team for more assistance on this matter.